Anytime actions

What YOU can do …

  • Attend all further student actions if you can. There will certainly be more.
  • Go to any rally or demonstration you can possibly attend to maintain a visible presence for climate action in the community
  • Sign the petition Scott Morrison: Declare a Climate Emergency
  • Forward the petition to your friends
  • Watch the TV program Climate Change – The Facts presented by Sir David Attenborough
  • Start talking about the implications of climate change to your friends and family, and keep talking.  Introduce the subject in every conversation.
  • Tell your friends about this website and encourage them to take actions.  Tell them when you do something.
  • Let us know if you find or think of a good action so we can put it up on the webpage.
  • Follow us on Facebook at Grandparents CAN and forward news of our actions to friends in other areas
  • Read Greta Thunberg: No One Is To Small To Make A Difference ($6 from local bookstores)
  • Think of ways by which you could reduce your own carbon footprint, and your water usage.
  • If you can, sing in an Extinction Rebellion choir – it’s great fun!  This is their song.
  • If you’re an active grandparent, keep an open mind about the possibility of joining an Extinction Rebellion action.  They’ll be starting soon all over the place, we hear.  We know a distinguished university science professor who’s signed up, and some of us are standing ready too.
  • Read the Extinction Rebellion handbook This Is Not a Drill  to find out about their philosophy, and pass it on to a friend
  • That’s all for now, but this is just the beginning!