An urgent action for today: Thur 1 December, or tomorrow!

A meeting of the Labor Party Caucus is taking place this Friday  –  tomorrow!  –  and on Monday Chris Bowen, the Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate will be making an announcement to the National Press Club on Labor’s policy.   

The context is ripe for Labor to announce strong action to cut pollution this decade, but it isn’t guaranteed. 

They are nervous after being mercilessly attacked for their climate policies at the last election by the Murdoch press. But the Murdoch press have since changed their tune, and 70% of voters in every electorate in Australia have said they want urgent climate action.

With strong federal policy, fast change is possible. Australian states, territories, towns and households are already leading the way. 

Bowen is out in the media talking about the opportunities of climate action.

Tell him that now is the time to set a strong target to cut coal and gas pollution this decade and unlock these opportunities.

Robin Mosman’s email to Labor is reproduced below.

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