Action for week starting 15.11.2021: We don’t support fracking in the Northern Territory

We watched the Australian Government’s appalling performance at COP26 with anger and shame.  After the debacle of the weeks before the Prime Minister departed for Glasgow there seemed little hope that Australia would be offering any commitments of significant value, but it has proved to be even worse than that as we saw them trying to water down proposals put forward by other countries in the Draft Commitments.

We’ll be writing a lot more over the next few weeks about ‘where to from here’.  Strategies are already in place to start rallying for the Federal election, probably taking place by May next year.  Both parties need to improve their policies on climate action, and there are a number of ways by which ‘ordinary Australians’ (whoever they are!) will be able to do so.  We’ll keep you posted.

For this week, we suggest support for another Australian who went to Glasgow for COP 26, a young Gudanji woman from the Northern Territory.  She was funded by GetUp! supporters, to tell the world how the Morrison Government is steamrolling consent and using public money to bankroll corporations like Empire Energy who want to frack her Country in the Northern Territory. 

She asks that we add our names to the petition calling for the Morrison Government to stop giving taxpayers’ money to fracking corporations like Empire and Origin Energy.

Let’s do it!

One thought on “Action for week starting 15.11.2021: We don’t support fracking in the Northern Territory

  1. Hullo GCAN, I’ve been trying to reach Robin Mosman for a while now, but can’t get through on the phone. I would like to make a good contribution to your campaigning and feel I need her help/advice. Would you please ask her to message me at this address? or phone 0412 502 267? Thankyou. Shirley Lewis



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