Action for week starting 25.10.21: Call on the Australian Government to step up, not #COPOut, on climate action!

The last few weeks have seen an exhausting amount of news, comment, reports and emails on the issue of Australia’s emissions reduction commitments to be announced at the Glasgow climate conference.

It has been too hard to decide from the barrage of emails from the numerous NGOs desperately concerned about the Australian Government’s position, what to forward to you as a request for action, until now.

The Climate Council, Australia’s peak scientific advisory body, headed by Prof. Tim Flannery, has released a new report showing that Australia has the resources to thrive in a post-carbon world – and the opportunity to build vibrant new industries including green steel, renewable hydrogen, and export critical minerals for clean energy. 

They say ‘There’s still time for our country to play a constructive role in international climate action, repair our international reputation, unlock new economic opportunities for Australians, and help protect communities everywhere from the ravages of climate change’.

Recent results in a poll commissioned by the Climate Council showed that 67% of Australians across the urban/rural divide want real climate action. 

Give our political leaders a clear indication of this.

Email the Climate Council’s report to key federal cabinet ministers.

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