Action for week starting 4.10.2021: Support our students with their next School Strike 4 Climate

The first School Strike for Climate on 20 September 2018 was the impetus for the formation of Grandparents for Climate Action Now.  Some of us, totally impressed by the young people’s action, decided to give it all the support we could. We had pamphlets printed and distributed them up and down the Mountains towns, and helped to swell the numbers of supporters at both the Springwood gathering and in the city.

Since then, COVID restrictions and lockdowns have prevented them from taking further action.

Now, two years later, on Friday 15 October, with the government still resisting taking any significant action on the climate emergency, thousands of students are mobilising again to put direct pressure on the government and MPs in the leadup to the next federal election.

They are asking for some financial support to make the organisation of this possible. They need $40,000. So far they have had donations of $24,000.

How about it, Grandparents?

Will you help make their strikes and a better future possible?

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