Action for week starting 27.9.2021: Tell Brookfield not to enable Woodside’s massive new offshore gas field and onshore gas processing plant

Despite the science telling us there is no room for new fossil fuel projects if we’re to meet the Paris climate goals, Woodside Petroleum is trying to build a massive gas field on the West Australian coast, and an onshore gas processing plant.

If it goes ahead, it’s estimated the Scarborough-Pluto project would – over its lifetime – enable CO2 emissions equivalent to running 15 coal power stations for 30 years. The project also threatens irreplaceable rock art that is under consideration for World Heritage listing, and fragile marine life.

Woodside doesn’t want to proceed with this project until it finds a partner for its Pluto 2 gas processing plant.  Brookfield is reported to be in the running for that partnership.

Brookfield’s executives have made a lot of noise about supporting the global energy transition away from fossil fuels. Mark Carney, the company’s Vice Chair and the United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, is a prominent sustainability advocate.

In the leadup to the Glasgow climate talks, Mark Carney is beating the drum for net-zero emissions and climate friendly finance. But Brookfield partnering with a fossil fuel giant to unlock a massive new gas field sends a clear message of support for fossil fuel expansion and climate disaster.

Tell Brookfield: Investing in Pluto 2 is incompatible with their public commitments to climate action (link)

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