Action for week starting 29.8.2021 – Share the good news!

Last week on August 26, the Environment Defenders Office, acting for the Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action (BSCA), won a landmark case when a court ordered the NSW Environment Protection Authority to take meaningful action on climate change. 

The NSW Land and Environment Court found the EPA has a legal duty to take serious action on greenhouse gas emissions in the state. 

This is a hugely significant legal win which breaks new ground for climate litigation in Australia. 

What the ruling  means is that the court has found the NSW EPA is compelled by its own legislation to act.

The court has ordered it to ‘develop environmental quality objectives guidelines and policies to ensure protection from climate change’.

This Australian legal first is a major step forward in holding government to account on climate policy.

You can read more about the case here and please share this great news far and wide.

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