Action for week starting 23.8.2021 – Climate Council petition

The recently published International Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) report has shown that climate change is accelerating faster than previously thought.

This is the decisive decade: we need urgent climate action now.

But the Australian Government is standing still. Our emissions reduction target for 2030 is far weaker than our strategic allies, and we risk missing out on the jobs and economic benefits that climate action will bring. 

The Climate Council is calling on the federal government to listen to the science and develop a whole-of-economy plan to get Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions down by 75% in the next ten years.

If we can demonstrate the sheer number of Australians who support stronger emissions reduction targets, we can push the federal government to ramp up climate action this decade.

Together, we have a chance to change this. Can you read and sign the petition to join our people-powered push for a stronger 2030 target, and share it with your networks to grow this campaign?  Already over 40,000 people have signed    let’s get it to a million!

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