Action for week starting 19.7.2021– Sustainalytics rating of Adani Ports

Sustainanalytics is an influential ratings agency to which ESG (Environment Social Governance) conscious investors look to help inform their investment decisions.

Market Forces is asking us to send an email demanding that Sustainalytics reviews their ESG rating of Adani Ports as ‘low risk’ in view of Adani’s history of risky interests in coal, oil and gas infrastructure, ecological destruction and community opposition.

Market forces have done their usual excellent, well-researched job in describing this.  All they ask of us is a signature on their prepared email (you can add input of your own if you wish but it is not required).

Impacts on the Great Barrier Reef could be raised as a very current reason for concern, given its threatened World Heritage listing; also the draining of the Doongmabulla Springs, a sacred dreaming site of the Wangan and Jagalingu people. 

Click here to tell Sustainalytics to fix its rating for Adani Ports.

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