Action for week starting 26.10.20 – submission to Senate Committee

Tell the Senate Committee how you feel about the hijack of our clean energy agencies’ funding to prop up fracking and gas pipelines.

Angus Taylor’s legislation to divert taxpayer funds in the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFS)  from renewable projects to fund fracking and gas pipelines has been referred to a Senate Committee for scrutiny. 

This Committee has the power to put the government’s claims about affordability, jobs and emissions under a microscope.  They have blocked earlier attempts to abolish the clean energy agencies.

GetUp is urging a community response to the Senate Committee to alert them to the extent of public concern about this legislation. They have provided a very simple tool by which we can make a submission of a few sentences.

Let the Senate Committee know how you feel about this hijack.

Make a submission

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