Action for week starting 17.8.20 – Sign petition to PricewaterhouseCoopers

Sign the petition to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) calling on it to cut ties with the Minerals Council

The Minerals Council is an institution of fossil fuel lobbyists that has been blocking policy and influencing Australian politics for decades. It has run coordinated campaigns to lobby politicians, conducted ad campaigns, and targeted political donations to block any attempt at progress towards a safe climate future.

It is membership based, so if enough members like PwC leave this will seriously damage the council’s funding, its reputation, and its ability to influence our politicians.

As part of a much larger campaign of actions – from stunts and human billboards at the front of PwC offices in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Perth, to conversations with PwC staff, phone calls to the head office, and flooding on social media – Australia has organised a petition to PwC’s CEO calling on PwC to demonstrate it is truly committed to addressing climate change (as it claims to be) by leaving the Minerals Council. Australia is seeking our support. They ask Can you join us in keeping up the momentum by signing the petition calling on PwC to cut their ties with the climate-wrecking Minerals Council?

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