Action for week starting 29.6.20 – Stop diversion of funds to fossil fuel projects

Support this petition to prevent the use of funds meant to support renewable energy projects being used to fund fossil fuel projects.

The coalition government plans to divert public funds meant for support of renewable energy from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to fund coal and gas projects.

A leaked report by the government’s Covid-19 recovery taskforce, headed by Andrew Liveris, a current board member at oil giant Saudi Aramco, recommended the Morrison government underwrite a massive expansion of the gas industry. It did not consider alternatives to gas, Australia’s emissions reduction targets or the financial risk of investing in fossil fuels as emissions are cut.

The government is planning to use money allocated to ARENA and CEFC to fund these recommendations.

The ALP has announced that it would oppose any changes to the mandate of our clean energy agencies. This means that the issue will be decided in the Senate.

Support this petition to the members and senators of the coalition government to let them know your opposition to this proposed change, with its implications for climate warming.

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