Action for week starting 22.6.20 – Support the Climate Council’s campaign

 Support the Climate Council’s campaign to ensure that climate crisis solutions are integral to Australia’s economic recovery.

The Climate Council is Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation, founded in 2013 by tens of thousands of Australians to create a new, independent and 100% community-funded organisation in response to the abolition of the Australian Climate Commission by the Abbott government.

It is made up of some of the country’s leading climate scientists, and health, renewable energy and policy experts, led by Tim Flannery, as well as a team of staff, and a huge community of volunteers and supporters who power their work.  

Over the last three months, they have been preparing an economic reboot campaign to ensure that climate crisis solutions are integral to the economic recovery. They say:

 “We have the chance to reshape our economy and in so doing, build Australia into a clean energy superpower, addressing the climate and economic crises together.”

Climate Council

They offer a strong and credible voice to counter that of the Covid-19 Commission, with its focus on gas.

Read more about their plans here, and consider offering them your support.

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