Action for week starting 15.6.20 – Read about the Covid-19 Commission

This week, there being no suitable petition available, we ask you to take the time to read an article reporting on the Covid-19 Commission published in The Guardian last Saturday.

Paul Bastian is the national secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and a member of a manufacturing taskforce advising the federal government’s Covid-19 Commission.

In The Guardian article he is quoted as saying that gas had ‘completely dominated’ taskforce discussions, while renewable energy played a much smaller role.  He rejected the overwhelming focus on gas as the path out of recession, saying the country risked ending up with stranded fossil fuel infrastructure and should be doing more to back renewable energy.

He said that gas had a significant role to play, but the importance of cheap, clean energy in cutting costs for industry had barely featured in public discussion when it should be ‘front and centre’, and that the government should be focused on setting a path to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Read more of this very informative article here.

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