Action for week starting 20.4.20 – Tell us your thoughts

 It’s just five months since the Grandparents Gathering that started Grandparents for Climate Action Now .

At that time, it felt to us that we were still having to convince people of the importance of the threat posed by climate change. Then suddenly the bushfire crises of December and January turned that around, and a record 41% of Australians nominated the environment as their top concern, and we felt a real potential for climate action existed.

Then came COVID-19 and the world changed. And with it, our concerns. This month our concern for the environment had fallen to 22%, way behind healthcare (55%), the economy (47%) and unemployment (39%). 

Even we have felt a shift in our focus. With the drought broken, the fires over, and the relentless news coverage on the virus and the social isolation required to combat it, we have wondered what do we do now to maintain pressure on our governments for climate action? Especially in the light of the huge amount of funding being expended on getting Australians and our economy through this latest crisis?

We want you to know that we haven’t given up hope. There are still campaigns being organised, and many of the solutions to global warming are good business ones which could help the economy. And perhaps the government will be more open to new solutions in this very changed environment.

Most important to remember is that even this seemingly overwhelming situation will pass and change. And when it does, climate change will still be there. So we’ll keep on sending you actions as we find them, and trust that you will act on them.

What we’re asking you to do this week is to tell us your thoughts – give us your feedback on how you feel about this campaign. We have about 180 members now, divided equally between Facebook followers and those of you who registered on this website. Do you actually take action on our suggestions? Do you feel more or less motivated to continue? Do you feel it’s been worthwhile?  Any feedback you might like to offer would be appreciated

4 thoughts on “Action for week starting 20.4.20 – Tell us your thoughts

  1. I do take the actions you suggest, and have often already done so as a result of my receiving the information directly from the many environment groups I belong to. Governments, both State and Federal, are pushing ahead with many damaging environmental decisions under cover of this virus crisis so we need to keep alert to this happening. There are many petitions and easy actions we can take from home, and much reading we can do, to hold our governments to account in regard to climate change and the natural environment. This group is a worthwhile one that can help influence others to care more for our future.


  2. Hello!

    I do take the actions that you suggest and I am happy to keep doing that. I think it’s important to keep up the pressure about climate change and the need to address it. Thanks for all your work because your bring up petitions and issues that I don’t receive from other lists that I am on.

    Best wishes, Karen


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  3. Hi Robin,

    I find the group worthwhile and your emails very motivating. Most days I find my inbox swamped with campaign requests for action and for donations, so I don’t always give your messages the attention they deserve. But since joining I would have taken the actions about half the time. I find your emails helpful as something of a filter for the mass of other communications, and you do the work of focussing us on one outcome at a time, which is how the battles are won.

    Thank you, and keep up the wonderful work.


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  4. Denisesuzy… Hullo, I don’t know how it’s happened but on at least one occasion, I’ve responded to this call, on the website, and nothing has come up. Is it being moderated, or getting lost or deleted? If someone lets me know, I can contribute…..



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