Action for week starting 3.2.2020 – Environment Defence Fund

Support the Environmental Defenders Office’s Environment Defence Fund

The law is a powerful tool in the fight for climate protection.  As older citizens, many of us are better placed financially than younger members of the community to contribute to organisations that are fighting climate inaction.

One such organisation that I can personally recommend to you to support is the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO).

The EDO is an accredited community legal service and a non-government, not-for-profit organisation that uses the law to protect and defend Australia’s wildlife, people and places.  The service is dedicated to protecting our climate, communities and shared environment by providing access to justice, running groundbreaking litigation, and leading law reform advocacy.

Since 1985 they have given expert, free legal advice to thousands of ordinary people (including me) and community groups (including the Blue Mountains Conservation Society).  They have taken government and fossil fuel companies to court on behalf of communities and indigenous clients in pursuit of climate justice.  Their track record of legal victories spans more than three decades, and includes the win over the Rocky Hill coal mine in NSW, and the win over Adani’s North Gallilee Water Scheme in Queensland.

The eight EDOs in Australia are currently coming together to launch a single, stronger, national EDO, one of its goals being to investigate government duties to mitigate and plan for climate risk, and explore legal opportunities to challenge the failure to act on the science.

I urge you to make a donation to their Environment Defence Fund.

Robin Mosman

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