Action for week starting 27.1.2020 – People’s Climate Assembly

Join the People’s Climate Assembly outside Parliament House in Canberra on Sunday 2 February

The gathering is being organised by a coalition of many climate and environmental groups, including Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), Extinction Rebellion, Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), The Conservation Council and The Greens.  They are also in conversation with a further 50 groups to join the Assembly.

There are two days on which you can rally:

Sunday 2 Feb
Starting the action on a Sunday allows the involvement of people not available to come to the official opening on the Monday.  The Blue Mountains XR choir is going down in a bus to this day.  Activities will be on the lawn outside Parliament.

Tuesday 4 Feb
Rally and speeches on the lawn outside Parliament.

Facebook pages are indicating huge support for and interest in these rallies.

Find more information here

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