Action for week starting 13.1.20 – air pollution standards

Demand strong air pollution standards

Australia’s air pollution standards are inadequate and outdated. They allow big polluters – like coal-burning power stations, industry and transport – to expose Australians to dangerous levels of toxic air. 

Every year 3,000 Australians die from air pollution, while thousands of others suffer from respiratory diseases.  When industrial pollution combines with bushfire smoke, as in many parts of Australia at the moment, these two sources create even more seriously toxic air. 

By strongly controlling air pollution from industrial sources, our government can help to prevent the worst air pollution during times with bushfire smoke. 

In early 2020, our environment ministers will vote on whether (and how much) to strengthen our standards for three health-impacting pollutants: nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone.

Email your minister and call on them to support strong air pollution standards that protect our health!

One thought on “Action for week starting 13.1.20 – air pollution standards

  1. Hello there,

    For this action I’m wondering if the targets are primarily federal enviro ministers or state ones as well.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Suzanne Reaney



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