Urgent Action (Siemens) – Please respond by Wednesday 8.1.20

Late last year Adani awarded the contract to conduct signalling on the Carmichael rail line to German company Siemans.

After a massive public outcry, Siemens’ CEO Joe Kaeser has said he would review the agreement.  He has said that he will decide ‘in the coming days’ whether or not his company will provide vital signalling on Adani’s rail line.

With the impacts of climate change being felt so starkly around Australia through drought and appalling bushfires, send a message to Siemens that it would be unconscionable of them to be part of opening up a massive new thermal coal basin in the Gallilee Basin.

Tell Mr Kaeser that Siemens has a huge opportunity here to do the RIGHT THING by Australia and the world. Urge him to make the right choice!

Send your message here

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